Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 12: QR Codes, Treasure Hunt, Station 1

Hello again, everyone!
This is Week 12 of CALL's Technology in Education's on-line discoveries. See here for my introduction to CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning). This week’s topic is QR (Quick Response) Codes.
While I was looking for material for this project I found complaints about how QR Codes are used. Using a QR Code in a blog or article on-line defeats the purpose of the code. Someone who is on-line can simply click on an icon or a link. There is no need for a QR Code. For someone looking at a sign or a billboard or an ad in a newspaper (not that many people still read printed newspapers), scanning a QR Code with an iPhone is much easier than entering the address of a website using a small touch screen, and probably omitting a letter or backslash.
I did not have the opportunity to stage a treasure hunt by physically posting clues, QR Codes, in relevant locations. However I wanted to try the idea so I created an on-line treasure hunt.
I created all of the QR Codes here:

Working in a group might be a way to make the project more interesting. Participants working together could send each other to their respective blogs. Clues could be added even during a hunt. This time I worked alone, learned about QR Codes and created them too. Follow the clues and see what I learned.

Happy hunting!

Who invented the QR Code?
Go here:

And then to Station 2:

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