Thursday, March 9, 2017

Week 3: Text Profiler

Photos: Screenshot of text profiles from Test Profiler.
The actual texts follow the images.
Profile of original text

Profile of abridged text

The original text is here.

When I simplified the text the percentage of Type 1 words, the 2,000 most common words in the English language according to the Nation's British National Corpus (BNC)-based list, increased from 59.5% to 89.06%. 

Abridged text:

What is an Ornithologist?

An ornithologist is a scientist who studies birds. Ornithologists study how birds act, what their bodies are like, and where they live. Some ornithologists study many kinds of birds and some study only a few kinds or even only one kind of bird. There are other jobs that an ornithologist might do. Some are teachers or tour guides.

What Do Ornithologists Do?

There are many parts to an ornithologist's job. They study what birds do and what is in the places where birds live. They record how many new birds hatch (come out) from eggs and how birds act as a group. Some follow how birds fly south when it is too cold and then come back when it is warmer. Some work in special parks, nature reserves, where birds are protected.

Where Does an Ornithologist Work?

Most ornithologists work at nature reserves or similar places. Some teach or research at colleges and universities. Some work at zoos, parks, or as veterinarians. Ornithologists sometimes have to walk a lot following birds outside or travel far from their homes to study birds.

How to Become an Ornithologist

Most ornithologists start out studying many kinds of animals or general ecology. They need to study math very well also. Ornithologists write lots of reports about their work so they must know how to write well. After studying a lot, students must also work with birds a lot before becoming an ornithologist.
There are about 6,000 ornithologists working in the United States.

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