Thursday, March 9, 2017

Week 3 - "Unseen" Story

Word bank: cheese   farm   swim   cows   farmer
Part 1
It is almost Shavuot. We will make a ____________ cake for Shavuot. We will go from town to
the ____________ in a car to get ____________ for Shavuot. We will see Aharon the ___________.
He makes good ____________.
Part 2
Now we are going to leave for the ____________. We will ____________ in the lake on
the ____________, then we will get _____________.
Mother said, "Here we are at the ____________. Where is Aharon?"
"Look! Ducks ____________ in the lake!" said Sara.
Ben said, "The chicks run in the yard!"
Dan said, "The horses are on the hill!"
"Where are the ____________?" said Shira.
Mother said, "Do you see the barn? The ____________ live in the barn. But where is Aharon? We 
came to see Aharon."
Part 3
"Shalom!" said Aharon. "Here I am. Have you come to get ____________ for Shavuot?"
"Yes," said Mother. "Do you have some ____________ for us?"
"Yes," said Aharon. "I saved the best ____________ for you."
Mother said, "Thank you, Aharon! Have a good holiday!"
Aharon said, "Have a good holiday! Do you want to ____________ in the lake?"
"Yes!" said Shira, Sara, Ben and Dan.
"Then ____________," said Aharon. "I have to feed the ____________ now."
We swam in the lake and then we went home to make ____________ cake for Shavuot.
What do you do for Shavuot?

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